Exploring the Various Types of Florida Marinas

Exploring Florida Marinas Young weekenders looking for rowdy night-life and active seniors enjoying retirement are among the many that call Florida home. The varied residents of Florida make for an eclectic mix of live aboard marinas. The idiom about location being King applies even when you're off land. Here's a look at some the different types of marinas you'll find along Florida's coast.

Choosing a Marina by Lifestyle

Whether or not you enjoy your time living on board depends very much on knowing what sort of marina to choose beforehand. Consider what you'd like to gleen from your experience. Are you looking for some rest and relaxation while listening to the sounds of gulls and lulling waves? If you are than you'll certainly want to stay away from locations that like to party. Some marinas have access to multiple amenities and restaurants such as a 24 hour tiki bar. Some marinas cater to families on vacation and offer a selection of watersports. Others are prime spots for deep sea fishing. Not all marinas in Florida are live aboard marinas. Some marinas that rent out slips are excellent for short stays and may rent by the week or month. While other marinas allow you to buy slips and maintain a longterm residence.

Thinking About Amenities

Florida marinas not only differ based on the vibe they have, but also by what patrons have access to. If your looking to live aboard for a significant amount of time you'll be pleased to learn you don't have to sacrifice much in your normal routine. Live aboard marinas usually have on-site facilities with showers, bathrooms and laundry mat services. Some marina's will be outfitted with locked gates and security for the safety of residents. In addition to the practical amenities, there are marinas which boast restaurants, bars and trips to nearby islands. Most marinas will be able to provide you with access to boating and sporting equipment. You'll also find most marinas will have a hot tub, clubhouse and playground.

Premium Marinas

Live aboard marinas in Florida accomodate many income brackets. Some are very affordable and excellent for long term living. But if your budget has room to stretch you'll find a variety of upscale marinas are available from the moderately classy, to a full-scale premium experience. Florida marinas are home to many yacht clubs where folks can enjoy private inlets, coves, and world-class dining experiences.

Experience Life on the Ocean

Enjoying life on the ocean for a weekend getaway or for a longer stay is an enriching and worthwhile experience. The Florida coast is one of the treasures of North America and getting to experience it first-hand is something you won't soon forget. Deciding which type of experience you'd like to have is half the battle. Start imagining life on the water — fishing miday, dining under the stars — and go for it.

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